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This Book Teaches: 


Through the poetic story and sound panel, each note/ swara is introduced to the reader through Vihaan's journey


Along the journey, the reader will meet quirky animal characters who show Vihaan how to sing and remember each swara


Each page has a color theme which is highlighted through the beautiful illustrations and each color corresponds to the swara being taught

Body Parts

Each swara is assigned a part of the body, which is used to help the reader remember each swara being taught


The book includes an array of musical instruments from Northern and Southern India

Each page has been thoughtfully designed to be engaging, educational, and interactive for your little one. Throughout the design process, our focus was always on incorporating key elements of the swaras into a system that is easy to remember and fun for children to learn.

The amazing part of Indian classical music is that each swara was conceived from a sound in nature. SA, for example, originates from the joyful sound of a peacock when rain clouds gather in the sky. NI, from the trumpeting of an elephant. We have woven these beautiful animals into Vihaan’s journey. In addition, each page has a color theme, which is highlighted through the vibrant illustrations and each color corresponds to the swara being taught. For Sa, the color is green, for Ni it is a rainbow. We have also included the system I used to teach my son how to remember each swara, by assigning each swara to a part of the body. This encourages readers to engage actively while reading the book by having them touch their toes, or knees, or throw their hands in the air! The book goes one step further by incorporating a high-quality sound panel with the swaras sung by a former Indian Idol Junior contestant. This gives an opportunity for children to hear each swara sung by a child they can relate to!


With each turn of the page, your child is introduced to a swara, a color, an animal, and a body part, all coming together with the purpose of familiarizing readers with the fundamental notes of Indian classical music.

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The book has been brought to life by the extremely talented illustrator, Tanya Jaiswal. You will find yourself immersed in a story filled with quirky characters, changing landscapes, and beautiful use of light and color throughout the book. Extensive research was done about musical symbols, instruments, and Indian culture, and the illustrations include references to these elements.

This is the first of what we hope will be many more books, focused on connecting readers with South Asian music, art, and culture.

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