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We founded LeelaVerse with the goal of making South Asian music, art, and culture more accessible to young children.


Through books, toys, games, and other creative media, we hope to connect parents and children to the rich heritage of South Asia. This journey begins with our first book: THE SEARCH FOR SA

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THE SEARCH FOR SA introduces readers to the building blocks of Indian classical music: the seven notes, known as swaras (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa). The book has been thoughtfully designed to be engaging, educational, and interactive for your little one. We set off on a journey with a young boy, Vihaan, whose adventure takes him through forests and meadows, over rivers and mountains, in search of the swaras. Along the way, Vihaan finds animal friends who show him how to sing and remember each swara.

This book is designed to be enjoyed by parents and young children, learning, exploring, and interacting together. THE SEARCH FOR SA not only entertains readers with a poetic story but also introduces Indian classical music concepts in a simple, kid-friendly way. You will find stunning, detailed illustrations that will inspire children to want to explore each page and learn more about South Asian music, art, and culture.

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